Black Obsidian Bracelet diamond cut

Black Obsidian Bracelet diamond cut

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Black Obsidian stone Bracelet for Shani Dosh

It is a beautiful bracelet made from original Black Obsidian stone

This black obsidian bracelet is cut with diamond edges for a unique look, making it perfect for any special occasion. Its beautiful design can be tied to many possible benefits, including protection, purification, and grounding. The bracelet also provides courage and strength to face difficult challenges. It is perfect for helping maintain a life balance and promote tranquility.

Benefits of Black Obsidian bracelet:

  • This bracelet is beneficial for people who want to please Lord Shani or ward off ill effects of planet Saturn in their lives.
  • This Black Agate bracelet is supposed to protect you from any black magic or evil eye (Buri Nazar)
  • Protection: Black obsidian is often regarded as a protective stone. It is believed to create a shield against negativity, absorbing and dispelling negative energy,  and emotional stress. Wearing a black obsidian bracelet can help you feel more grounded and protected in challenging situations.

  • Grounding and Balance: The stone is associated with the root chakra, which governs our sense of stability, security, and connection to the Earth. Wearing a black obsidian bracelet can help promote grounding and balance

  • Black obsidian is considered to be a stone of truth and self-reflection. It encourages deep introspection and helps bring unresolved issues, emotions, and traumas to the surface. By wearing a black obsidian bracelet, you may gain clarity on past experiences, leading to personal growth and transformation.

  • Wearing a black obsidian bracelet can aid in clearing your aura and creating a more positive and harmonious energy field around you.

  • Insight and Intuition: Black obsidian is associated with the third eye chakra, which governs intuition, insight, and spiritual awareness. By wearing a black obsidian bracelet, you may enhance your intuition and gain access to deeper levels of wisdom and inner guidance.

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