Which gemstones are best for Aries?

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Lucky gemstones for Aries or Mesha Rashi:

March 21 to April 19:


Aries is the first sign in the zodiac circle. The element of Aries is fire and it is ruled by Planet Mars. Being the first sign brings new energy and new beginnings in life. People born in this zodiac are energetic and ambitious individuals brimming with passion.  

Aries's birthstones help overcome fear, triggering courage, will power and self-confidence. We have curated a list of gemstones, which are best for every Aries as they bring peace and healing in life.

Best stones for Aries Zodiac sign:


  1. Diamond Or Sphatik Crystal

One of the most precious and beautiful creations of mother earth, Diamond or its substitute Sphatik crystal brings radiance and inner strength to Aries. It helps you to calm down and gives a heavenly balance. If life gives you hard knocks every other day, you need a sphatik crystal in your life. 

An example would be this pure crystal sphatik bracelet:


  1. Green Jade crystal

Aries are confident individuals who focus on their path but this tunnel vision results in blockage in the heart chakra. Jade is an ancient stone that works wonders for the heart chakra and helps build love and trust. Worshipping Jade shivling gets all your wishes fulfilled. You can also wear green jade bracelets and rosary (mala) to bring the balance of empathy and compassion in daily life. You can aslo keep this green Jade money coin set in your purse for the benefits:


  1. Amethyst

Amethyst helps Aries to have meditative thoughts, and embrace calmness. It evolves with the body and helps to stay connected with intuition. Amethyst rosary and bracelets are the best jewellery and look flawless giving the best results. 

Amethyst bracelet

  1. Yellow Citrine stone

Citrine is all about healing and positive energy. It helps attract success and wealth into the lives of Aries. Our range of Citrine jewellery is a must-have as a talisman to bring luck. 


  1. Rose Quartz stone

Rose quartz helps Aries in controlling their aggressive behaviour. It encourages selflessness and unconditional love. We have a beautiful collection of rose quartz items that can be worn in day-to-day life. 

Rose Quartz Pendant

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